Fellow Groups

Call for Applications

Fellowships (Junior/Senior) on “Parliaments and Democracy in Africa”
September to December 2019

Application deadline: November 30, 2018, 24 h CET


Sustainable Governance: Environment, Democracy and Conflict Management


The preliminary phase will be launched with an international conference at the University of Ghana, Legon, Accra, on 27-28 September 2018. The topic of the conference will be “Africa’s Institutions for Sustainable Governance”For the preliminary programme see here.

In the preliminary phase MIASA will host four Interdisciplinary Fellow Groups (IFGs). The groups will convene for a period of approximately four months, each group consisting of 8-12 scholars who will collaborate on a pertinent and innovative research question linked to the sustainable governance topic:

Fellow Group 1: Migration, Mobility and Forced Displacement (February to May 2019; convenor: Franzisca Zanker and Stefan Rother)

Dynamics of migration, mobility and displacement intersect with fundamental societal developments on different scales. The IFG will deal with some of the hotly debated issues, from securitisation processes, generational conflicts, the politics of belonging to urban and rural infrastructures and labour market configurations.

Fellow Group 2: Parliaments and Democracy in Africa (September to December 2019; convenor: Anja Osei)

African Parliaments may not be inclusive and representative enough to provide for a sustainable democracy. Additionally, their relative political weight ‐ compared with the executive branch of government ‐ is often low. The aim of this IFG is to investigate and compare the attributes and behaviour of Parliaments in African countries with different democratic credentials.

Fellow Group 3: Sustainable Rural Transformation in the context of increased commercialisation and resource scarcity (February to May 2020; convenor: Jann Lay)

The increasing competition for African resources affects the lives of rural populations and may result in social conflict. The commercialization of agriculture on the continent threatens livelihoods of smallholder farmers and carries environmental risks. Yet, it may also present new opportunities (e.g. via out‐grower schemes and wage employment). This IFG will discuss how a sustainable transformation of rural Africa can be achieved.

Fellow Group 4: Sustainable Energy Transitions in Africa (September to December 2020; convenor: Michael Pregernig)

Changes in the national, regional and local energy systems in many African countries need to be understood in the context of new transnational dynamics. The IFG wants to investigate structural drivers, actors and contexts of sustainability transitions in a particularly competitive sector. This IFG will start with preparatory workshops in the preliminary phase. It will convene the fellows in autumn 2020. Thus falling into the main phase, it has a bridging function between the preliminary and the main project phases.

During the core phase (2020-2026), MIASA will offer a comprehensive individual and policy fellowship programme. A number of additional conferences, workshops, summer schools and public lectures are planned from September 2018 onwards.